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Our first weekly winner: Atmospheres!

Our first weekly winner: Atmospheres!

February 11, 2014

One for the show and ready to go! Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2014 has its first winner! Topping the Buzz Chart at the end of the first week is progrock/ambient metal combo Atmospheres. Their glorious track Energy, an instrumental rough ride through rocky hills and dreamy skies, pulled it off just before closing time with a magnificient Usain Bolt-esque sprint. A true buzzer beater!

So who are these lucky bastards that have the honour to secure the first spot in our Festival Chart? “Atmospheres hasn’t been around for a long time”, explains guitar hero Stef Exelmans as we finally succeed to lure him out of his wild celebrations for a few seconds. “We got together for the first time exactly one year ago and haven’t even played any live gigs so far. We do have one album out, though.” Okay, did we get that right: no live experience at all? What are these: wunderkids? “Not really. All four members have played in other bands and are skilled and experienced musicians.”

Based on their winning tune Energy and a few other tracks we managed to dig up online, Atmospheres’s music seems to fit best under the progrock moniker. It is mainly instrumental, aside from eerie vocal layers that top off the dreamy and edgy, er, atmosphere. “That’s exactly why we chose that band name!”, tells Exelmans. “I really dig bands like Animals as Leaders, but wish they wouldn’t switch gears and tunes every other second in their songs. I realized I would prefer them to stick to just one long musical atmosphere instead. So I decided to just do that myself and formed the band.”

Okay, so here they are now, ready to square up to 9 other winners in a couple of months, aiming for a spot on the festival stage at Dour or Graspop Metal Meeting. Any preferences? “Both festivals are huge and would suit us just fine. We are sufficiently indie for Dour and heavy enough for Graspop.” Let us guess, it’s just a matter of building up the right atmosphere?

Congratulations to Atmosphere. Houston, we have a lift-off!

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